Automation in Manufacturing is not Just for Assembly Lines

Automation in Manufacturing is not Just for Assembly Lines

The time and cost savings realized by automation has driven increases in manufacturing productivity for decades. However, the benefits of automation should not be assumed to be beneficial for only the material portions of the manufacturing process.

The competitive advantage enjoyed by large enterprises has as much to do with their ability to automate their manufacturing data as it does with the more traditional aspects of their manufacturing operations. If your company has not yet looked at how it can streamline and automate the processing of its data, you could be ignoring an opportunity to generate a positive impact to your bottom line.

Just as automation is a big focus on current improvements in manufacturing processes, it can also improve your data-driven processes as well, improving your entire operation. Consider the following impact data automation can have on a company.

Time and Quality

Data processing and analysis are manual tasks in many manufacturing operations. At this point in time, any manual data processes should raise red flags, as manual parts of any process are prime sources of errors, and technology is available to automate common processes. In company after company that Triple Helix has worked with, the amount of time saved by reducing manual data tasks (including tracking down and correcting errors caused by manual work) has provided ROI measured in months rather than years.

Accountability and Visibility

Similarly, data automation efforts help organizations assign responsibilities for data management and reporting so that business intelligence is shared in a timelier manner with more employees and even clients.  Imagine trusting your data enough to be comfortable sharing select data with clients. Triple Helix clients that have developed effective processes have been able to do so and as a result have increased client trust and satisfaction.


Besides the time saved by non-line employees in managing data, automation can provide an additional boost to production efficiency. Triple Helix clients who have given access to real-time ERP data to key line managers and employees found they could deliver more finished goods in less time while maintaining or improving quality levels.

Whether you are looking to streamline an existing process or automate large portions of your operation, Triple Helix has provided data and information systems for the aerospace and manufacturing industries for the last fifteen years. Our solutions complement existing technology investments to avoid costly replacements. Contact us if you would like to schedule a risk-free consultation to see if Triple Helix can help your company better organize, access, and analyze your data.

About The Author: Jason Bittner

CEO and founder of Triple Helix Corporation, since 2004. Has worked closely within the Aerospace / Defense / Manufacturing industries for over two (2) decades, solving technical challenges with integrating data and information technologies with best business practices. Jason seeks to educate and inform his readers with the latest news about the information management space, along with insights into how best to operate our companies now and into the future.
May 15th, 2019

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