Being A Trend Spotter

December and January are usually when we see a lot of people write about the trends of the past year or the trends to watch for in the new year. While those articles are often entertaining and sometimes useful, there is a better way to follow trends. Spot them yourself.

Simplify Your Year-End Business Review

As the end of the year approaches, a lot of business leaders scramble to assemble the information they need to assess their department or company’s performance. It may be too late to eliminate the year-end rush, but there are ways to simplify the year-end review to reduce complexity and improve clarity.

Developing an Innovation Mindset

You hear the word all the time. Especially in business publications and websites, it seems the word “innovation” has devolved from a true business strategy to a trivial buzzword. Don’t let the overuse of the word stop you from benefiting from the positive impact innovation can have on your business.

Effective Data Strategy Requires a Balance of Offense and Defense

In this view of data strategy, defensive activities are centered on minimizing risk and include activities like regulatory compliance, detecting fraud, preventing theft, and insuring the accuracy of the data. Meanwhile, the offensive activities are most often customer-focused and include data analysis and modeling to inform customer retention or acquisition strategies and support financial decisions.