Simplify Your Year-End Business Review

As the end of the year approaches, a lot of business leaders scramble to assemble the information they need to assess their department or company’s performance. It may be too late to eliminate the year-end rush, but there are ways to simplify the year-end review to reduce complexity and improve clarity.

If You Have an ERP You Are Part of the Smart Manufacturing Movement

Along with IoT (Internet of Things) and “big data.” another term that gets a lot of attention today is “smart manufacturing.” Often linked to the use of IoT devices and sensors in manufacturing, smart manufacturing is much more than a single technology or group of technologies.

Manufacturing Sales Teams Should Love Data Too

It’s not that data has been missing from the manufacturing sales process, but rapid changes in the use of data in manufacturing operations has not been mirrored in the sales processes of many manufacturing companies.

Better Data-Driven Decision Making

Most major business decisions, like where to open a new facility, are based on data. In the past, that data might have been simply the owner of the business observing where potential workers lived, or where major customers were located, then building near them.

Developing an Innovation Mindset

You hear the word all the time. Especially in business publications and websites, it seems the word “innovation” has devolved from a true business strategy to a trivial buzzword. Don’t let the overuse of the word stop you from benefiting from the positive impact innovation can have on your business.

Your Data Can Make or Break Your Company

Headlines this summer highlighted the challenges of modern manufacturing. Boeing and Airbus were struggling with hitting aggressive delivery targets for their flagship products due to issues with suppliers down the chain.

Effective Data Strategy Requires a Balance of Offense and Defense

In this view of data strategy, defensive activities are centered on minimizing risk and include activities like regulatory compliance, detecting fraud, preventing theft, and insuring the accuracy of the data. Meanwhile, the offensive activities are most often customer-focused and include data analysis and modeling to inform customer retention or acquisition strategies and support financial decisions.

How Businesses Fail at Data Management

Data is a critical element of just about any type of business today, yet so many businesses treat data management as a secondary concern. It may be possible to manage and run a business without good data management, however, we find that managing a business is a lot easier if data is properly collected, stored and used.