Data Storyteller

Data Storyteller

Automated Data Intelligence to Help You Manage Your Business

“Our company would perform better if we only knew…”

Businesses are looking more closely at their internal data, trying to figure out how to take advantage of it – to operate more efficiently, sell smarter and delight more customers. Key insights are often buried in disconnected systems or obscured by constant updates.

Data Storyteller from Triple Helix is an intelligent “data robot” that can sift through your data, stitching together bits and pieces from multiple data sources to spot anomalies, anticipate your customer’s behavior, forecast sales more accurately, and more.

Data Storyteller takes the pain out of connecting the dots from multiple data sources, including:

  • Inbound marketing data — website visitor behavior, search engine reports
  • CRM data – customer interaction details
  • ERP data – customer orders, expedited shipping, delivery timeliness
  • Financial data – sales and company profitability, customer payment history, credit rating
  • Help desk data – frequency of customer contacts, resolution times
  • Outbound marketing data – Which customers open your email messages? What links are they clicking?
  • Customer survey data – What do customers say about you? What drives their satisfaction?

There are so many connections between related data like this that our brains can’t process it easily, but technology tools can. What stories do you think your data could tell if you could just add all the puzzle pieces together?

Think of the possibilities and the impact on your bottom line: better understanding of customer behavior, lowering customer acquisition costs, driving customer loyalty, identifying your most profitable customers, discovering where to target sales and marketing efforts, and more.

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See the Big Picture, Faster

The ability to analyze data, or “data storytelling”, in more advanced ways has been out of reach for smaller companies due to cost, complexity and the need for extensive IT support. With Data Storyteller, Triple Helix has created a solution that reduces complexity and cost, to the extent that organizations can affordably take advantage of a vital and underused asset: their own data.

“We wanted to make it very easy for companies to solve business problems by using their data to discover what new insights can be revealed. Our new process for visualizing data is a collaboration with our customers and lets us show them the story their data wants to tell.”

J.P. Bittner, CEO, Triple Helix Corporation

Many companies still treat data as a liability, which in an increasingly data-driven world puts them at a disadvantage. Turning things around doesn’t have to be difficult, however. Triple Helix begins a Data Storyteller engagement with the following approach:

  • Start by examining your historical data to reveal past company performance.
  • Discover what factors have influenced your performance (as described in the data).
  • Decide how your current situation may be improved by making changes (supported by the data).
  • Measure these changes periodically to determine if changes create successful outcomes and if there are new factors introduced that need to be considered.

The ultimate goal in leveraging your data is to predict outcomes more accurately. This cannot be accomplished without data analysis. The analysis enables decisions to be guided by facts, not just gut instinct alone.

Let your data show you how to reduce risk, increase profitability, and strengthen customer relationships.

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