“Our company would perform better if we only knew…”

Businesses are looking more closely at their internal data, trying to figure out how to take advantage of it – operate more efficiently, sell smarter and delight more customers. Answers lie within the data but can be a challenge to find with the data changing so much and stored in many disconnected systems.

Picture This: All your company’s most important data scattered in front of you. What if you were able to see the patterns and trends in it? Spot anomalies? Anticipate your customer’s behavior? Forecast sales more accurately? What if the data you have RIGHT NOW made this possible? How much would your business benefit? The answers are closer than you think.

data storytelling

Now, think of an intelligent ‘data robot’ that can sift through your data, stitching together bits and pieces from multiple data sources such as:

  • Inbound marketing data — website visitor behavior, search engine reports
  • CRM data – customer interaction details
  • ERP data – customer orders, expedited shipping, delivery timeliness
  • Financial data – sales and company profitability, customer payment history, credit rating
  • Help desk data – frequency of customer contacts, resolution times
  • Outbound marketing data – Which customers open your email messages? What links are they clicking?
  • Customer survey data – What do customers say about you? What drives their satisfaction?

missing puzzle pieces

There are so many connections between related data like this that our brains can’t decipher, but technology tools can. What stories do you think your data could tell if you could just add all the puzzle pieces together? Think of the possibilities: Answers tied to better understanding customer behavior, lowering customer acquisition costs, driving customer loyalty, identifying your most profitable customers, discovering where to target sales & marketing efforts, and more.

Data Storytelling:  The Triple Helix Way