Database Design & Development

Database Design & Development

Better Data Organization, Access, and Analysis

Triple Helix specializes in designing, developing, and working with databases. We have an experienced team proficient in everything from helping a small company that has outgrown MS Access, to complex projects like designing interactive dashboards with real-time feeds from multiple data sources. Our focus is primarily in these areas:

  • Database design
  • Database development
  • Data migration & integration
  • Performance tuning of databases
  • Data mining, reporting & analytics

We don’t focus solely on data; we solve real business problems using data-driven tools.

Better Data Organization

With tens of millions of database records in their systems, Eastern Account System Inc.’s ability to manage this information effectively had become a major challenge and increasingly tied to growth and profitability objectives.
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Better Data Access

For Connecticut-based manufacturer, Nortek, the challenges of dealing with increased orders from a major client was compounded by the lack of access to information at key points of the manufacturing process. Among other things, the lack of real-time feedback was causing some parts to get held up early in the manufacturing process, due to the job not looking “urgent” at that point.
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Better Data Analysis

Whether you are looking to streamline an existing process or automating large portions of your operation, start with your database to provide your transformation with a solid foundation. Family Partnerships of Connecticut found that working with Triple Helix opened up a pathway to automating many processes to save money and employee hours.
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