Eastern Account System, Inc. Doubles Operations with Technology Alliance of 3XC and The Walker Group

Eastern Account System, Inc. Doubles Operations with Technology Alliance of 3XC and The Walker Group

For companies experiencing a surge in growth and customer volume, outdated IT architecture can create operational bottlenecks. Eastern Account System, Inc., a nationwide collection service company focused on the cable/communications, healthcare, and financial industries, recently revamped their IT systems with a solution designed to accommodate their current growth, and scale with them as they continue expanding.

Eastern’s unique collections process recovers thousands of dollars for their clients every day. Despite the company’s tremendous growth, their legacy database and architecture solution was built when operations were much smaller and required less demands on their IT systems. With a forecasted capacity increase of 200-300% over the next few years, Eastern needed a solution to keep pace with their workflow improvements and support the evolving impact on their underlying IT systems. The Walker Group and Triple Helix Corporation (3XC), a local technology Alliance, partnered together to assess Eastern’s overall IT footprint. Together, they then designed and built a solution that will enable Eastern Account System, Inc. to manage continual increased customer volume without any negative impact on their processes.

Steven Zank, Vice President at Eastern, said: “We were planning a significant expansion of our operations and knew that our current systems weren’t going to support the increased volume. The new system the Walker/3XC Alliance created completely transformed our operations and enabled us to grow confidently into the next phase of our business. Their collaboration provided us with the next generation hardware/software fusion we needed and it was delivered flawlessly, on time, and within our budget. Our staff loves the new interface, which is incredibly easy to use, and the support from the Triple Helix and Walker team during the entire project was phenomenal.”

Eastern Account System, Inc. was established in 1992.
Located online at: http://www.easternaccounts.com

The Walker Group/Triple Helix Corporation Alliance is a technology cluster which provides customized hardware and software solutions for mid-sized companies with unique data and technology needs. Together, the Alliance helps businesses leverage strategic technology solutions to improve efficiencies, manage growth opportunities and meet the ever-changing demands of the marketplace.

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March 14th, 2014

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