Triple Helix Employee Wins UX Award at TechCrunch DisruptNY 2014 Hackathon

Triple Helix Employee Wins UX Award at TechCrunch DisruptNY 2014 Hackathon

Triple Helix is proud to announce William Bussey and his team have won the UX Award at the TechCrunch DisruptNY 2014 Hackathon over the May 4th weekend. The UX Award is given to the hacker team that develops an application that provides the best user experience for users.

William and his team had 24hrs to come up with the most innovative way to incorporate any of the DisruptNY sponsors Api’s into their application. Within 24hrs his team created Kioto. Kioto gives web users the ability to highlight and annotate any text on any website. Kioto automatically sends that highlighted text, annotation, including the source article to the users Evernote account storing the data in a public notebook. The idea of Kioto is to revolutionize the way people read on the web. You can watch the Kioto presentation here.

Triple Helix is proud to have such amazing talent apart of our team. We always support our employees to continue to learn and grow throughout their careers. We hope this is just one of many accomplishments we will be announcing in the future.

About The Author: Jason Bittner

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May 9th, 2014

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