EHR interoperability, ICD-10 deadlines, HIPAA compliance, ACA implications. The list of challenges continues to grow for providers whose businesses are impacted in unprecedented ways by data-related mandates. “Information overload” and “drowning in data” are phrases Triple Helix often hear when talking to healthcare professionals. Many in the industry face the struggle of performing their primary mission – providing quality healthcare services – while also making a myriad of administrative changes in order to be compliant and turn a profit. Effectively managing and protecting data is no longer a choice. It has become a mandatory responsibility for all providers. This is where we apply our healthcare data expertise to help your business.

We recognize not only the data-driven requirements reshaping the industry but also the frustration felt by providers who must take action and are not well prepared. In-house technical knowledge is lacking. IT vendors are largely not viewed as trusted advisors. New laws and compliance mandates are continually surfacing, and just keeping up presents serious challenges for most providers.

In analyzing all these challenges, our initial focus with healthcare clients is to jointly define and prioritize data-related problems. (We recognize that improperly defining the problem is the #1 reason technology projects fail to deliver results.) Next, we develop a plan that includes small–step, affordable solutions which can be implemented over time in a sensible, deliberate manner. By taking this approach, we prove ourselves and the effectiveness of the mutually agreed upon plan each step of the way.

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