Increase Innovation by Building a Positive Work Environment

Increase Innovation by Building a Positive Work Environment

There is a lot of focus on technology in manufacturing today, and rightly so. So much of the future of manufacturing success is tied to choosing the right technology and implementing it well.

Living in an age of innovation can make it seem like innovation just happens, but a company must have the right environment to successfully leverage new technology to develop better processes or new lines of business.

A Generational Shift

The drive to a positive workplace comes as the result of a major generational shift as millennials reach their prime working years and Gen Z is on the cusp of joining the workforce in a major way. When it comes to viewing manufacturing careers, these two generations are hampered by both a poor understanding of the manufacturing industry and work behaviors shaped by being continually connected to the Internet.

Creating a work environment in which these two cohorts will thrive takes more than casual dress and appreciation awards. Managers need to be open to communicating with employees on a regular basis. As much as older managers may have a hard time accepting it, younger employees have grown up in a world in which they have been made to feel they are an important part of every activity they are involved in.

Communication is the Key

One upside to communicating regularly with employees is that they are more connected to information than ever before. By informing them of future plans or business developments, you increase the connections between your operations and innovations that could help your business (the network effect). Of course, the network effect will only benefit you if the communication with your workers is two-way. Be sure to have some form of open-door policy in place so that your employees know that (and when) you are available to listen to their ideas or concerns.

The other benefit to open communication is the understanding and acceptance, of new technology and processes increases the more employees understand the “why” as much as the “how” behind a change.  Adoption of new processes will go more smoothly if employees do not feel “surprised” and if the change has enough lead time for employees to get comfortable with it before implementation.

If you are interested in making your workplace more innovative, a great way to start is to involve some of your younger employees in a data inventory project. Creating a data inventory, assessing risks and opportunities in your data, and developing better processes for handling your data will make a major impact on your business and remind your “connected” employees that manufacturing is just as high tech as many other industries they hear about.

Triple Helix has worked with manufacturers of all sizes over the years and has developed our assessment tool to help your team assess opportunities in Information Management, Data Visibility, Data-Driven Processes, and Information Security. Contact us if you would like to schedule a risk-free consultation to see if Triple Helix can help your company better organize, access, and analyze your data.

About The Author: Jason Bittner

CEO and founder of Triple Helix Corporation, since 2004. Has worked closely within the Aerospace / Defense / Manufacturing industries for over two (2) decades, solving technical challenges with integrating data and information technologies with best business practices. Jason seeks to educate and inform his readers with the latest news about the information management space, along with insights into how best to operate our companies now and into the future.
July 31st, 2019

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