Published On: November 16th, 2021

In running a business, you’ll quickly realize data is all around you – and inefficiently managed data could impede your company’s growth. There is so much information you need to manage on a daily basis. How can you possibly keep up with it all? From seemingly simple things like login credentials to purchase orders or refunds and returns, it can seem overwhelming when you step back and think about it.


For many years, companies have operated storing this business data in Excel spreadsheets and outdated computer programs. Does it work? Sure. Is it effective? Not at all. Unwieldy spreadsheets and prehistoric software are difficult to navigate and incredibly time consuming. They are also not very secure, posing a very real threat to your sensitive business data. Information commonly stored like customers’ addresses and credit card numbers could easily be leaked if your computer were hacked into.

Not to mention how much valuable time is spent just keeping track of all the different spreadsheets, processes and procedures needed on a daily basis. How can you allocate time efficiently to other tasks when a large portion of time is consumed managing manually logged data? The truth is, you can’t, and it could be impeding your company’s growth significantly.

No matter the style of business, growth is usually at the forefront of any business owner’s mind. Staying stagnant is bad for business. Companies are constantly looking for ways that they are able to scale. Excel spreadsheets and old data management programs are just not scalable solutions. We realize making the switch from these quick fixes you have used for many years can seem daunting, but there are better solutions out there just waiting for you… solutions that will allow your company to scale like never before.

dataHere at Triple Helix Corporation, we pride ourselves on having a small, nimble team of dedicated software engineers and program developers. They specialize in creating custom data management software solutions, as well as augmenting existing software in a business. We can assess the needs of your business, what roadblocks are currently impeding your growth, and help implement solutions that will get you on the right track to managing your data (and time) much more efficiently.

For many businesses, augmenting existing software is a much more realistic and affordable solution, especially when compared to the cost of replacing existing software. In most cases, existing processes, procedures and programs can be tweaked to streamline the way data and tasks are managed on a daily basis. Custom modules can be added to most existing software programs, allowing a large portion of daily tasks to become automated. By automating these tasks, sensitive data is able to be stored, allocated and managed more efficiently than ever before.

Ready to see how effective data management can help grow your business? We’re ready to help! Contact us and schedule an initial meeting with our team today.

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