Leadership Research Institute, Inc. (LRI) is a global consulting firm specializing in leadership and organizational development. Partnering with leaders across industries, LRI consultants help guide and transform organizations using a wide variety of research tools and customized methods.

LRI conducts its research for clients using online survey tools and has typically delivered many results to clients in static PDF reports. LRI turned to Triple Helix Corporation (3XC) to help create a custom online reporting portal so that more metrics and analytic capability which could be easily shared with clients, giving them access to their data while fully protecting the confidentiality of survey respondents. 3XC created a next generation reporting portal that now allows LRI??™s clients to view valuable data in one place and interact with it dynamically.

Dr. Cathleen Swody, Associate, said: “This tool is tremendously valuable to us as it now gives our clients a central location to access their survey and assessment results online and to quickly pull insights from their data. The portal is very flexible and will allow us to add surveys and clients over time so that the system grows with us. Our clients are delighted with the new system and it has greatly strengthened our ability to partner with them and give them the insights they need.”

Leadership Research Institute was established in 1980.
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