Manufacturing companies face increasing pressure to innovate and improve efficiencies by further embracing technology, while at the same time keeping budgets and headcounts stable. No small task, yet the implications for improving how core data is managed are clear. Everything from squeezing further cost out of the business to strengthening ties with customers and suppliers are important for growth and competitive advantage.

Some of our people have solid backgrounds in the manufacturing industry, and others have years of experience helping manufacturers overcome key data challenges. We understand what it’s like “in the weeds” of a manufacturing operation. This allows us to focus first on the root cause of your operational and business pains before determining the technology options best able to fix them. One way we do this is through a no-cost, 25-item assessment we designed for manufacturing environments that identifies areas where critical data is being handled inefficiently.

Along with helping manufacturers streamline information-intensive processes, we also assist with data analysis. As the Internet of Things continues to transform how manufacturers operate, and as machines produce and gather new, more finite types of data, the key is to transform this data into usable, contextualized intelligence. Capturing the data is the easier part. Making it work effectively for you is more challenging. This is where Triple Helix can assist, using advanced technology tools and our on-point experience with all types of manufacturing data.

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