When managing IT and their critical data, many nonprofits are  hampered by funding challenges, a lack of in-house technical expertise, legacy systems and unsupported software, and data scattered across the organization. More than ever, technology has the potential to help nonprofits achieve their missions and become more sustainable. Yet it often remains an unwieldy burden – and shouldn’t have to.  The first step is non-profit executives needing to know what they don’t know.  Only then can they put an effective and forward-looking technology roadmap in place and integrate it into the overall strategic plan.

As with other industries, the Triple Helix team focuses on where technology resources are lacking, encouraging non-profit clients to invest a relatively small sum up-front to accurately define the data-related problems and prioritize them in terms of impact to the organization. Once this is done, the task of designing the right solutions, with the right technology mix, in the right order, becomes far easier and more effective.

We strongly encourage non-profits to take this approach before any technology “work” is started, because it can greatly reduce the risk of wasting time and money trying to solve incorrectly defined problems with the wrong technology solutions. And this can make all the difference in the world, for the organization and its mission.

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