Published On: December 7th, 2021

With Thanksgiving behind us and the winter holidays quickly approaching, we are all scrambling to find the perfect gift for friends and family on our lists. Triple Helix Corporation makes it easy. We have done the leg work for you and compiled a list of the Top 5 Gifts For Tech Lovers This Holiday Season. From creatives to gamers to pet lovers, and everyone in between, we have you covered.

1. For The One Always Cleaning: Roborock S7+ Robot Vacuum and Mop; From $949.98

robotic vacuum and mopWe start off our Tech Lovers list with a gift everyone on your list could benefit from.

I’m willing to bet we all spend more time than we would like to admit cleaning our homes. Robotic vacuums are nothing new. There are dozens of variations out there, some better than others.

But what if a robotic vacuum could also mop your home?

The Roborock S7+ Robot Vacuum and Mop brings automated household cleaning to a whole new level. In addition to being a stellar robotic vacuum, it also mops! The small device is even equipped with auto-lifting technology, meaning it can sense a carpet or rug and will lift its mop up to avoid wetting the carpet. How cool is that? Scheduled to be released on December 7th, it can be pre-ordered now on Amazon.


2. For Those New To 3D Printing: Creality Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer; From $223.99

3d printerI’m sure we all know someone who is obsessed with 3D Printing. Who can blame them? But for someone who is just dipping their toes in, it can seem overwhelming. There is just so much to learn.

The well-known Creality Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer makes it easy. This high-powered 3D Printer has been around since 2018, yet still continues to receive excellent reviews year after year.

The quality of the machine and the work it produces is impressive while still remaining affordable. As a bonus, it’s designed specifically with beginners in mind. For those interested in getting into 3D printing who need a machine that is easy to learn on, the Ender 3 Pro will be their new best friend.

Looking for more 3D printing ideas? Our own CEO Jason Bittner is an avid 3D printer. You can always email him for more suggestions.

3. For The One Who Is Obsessed With Small Gadgets:
Raspberry Pi 400; From $70

raspberry piBringing you the best in small, yet mighty, tech gadgets… The Raspberry Pi 400 is a small computer conveniently built into a keyboard.

These mini computers have been around for years to help people learn programming skills, build hardware projects, do home automation, and so much more.

The 400 is one of the latest models in the Raspberry Pi line-up. This complete personal PC is ready to use right out of the box and can be plugged into your TV or monitor.

Featuring a quad-core 64-bit processor, 4GB of RAM, wireless networking, dual-display output, 4K video playback and a 40-pin GPIO header, it’s a tiny computer that packs a huge punch. 

4. For The Gamer:
Rubik’s Connected Cube; From $59.95


People have been trying to crack the code behind the original Rubik’s Cube for years. Although some have been successful, many remain stumped.

In September 2020, Rubik’s reinvented a version of the popular puzzle geared towards the 21st century.

The new and improved Rubik’s Connected Cube is integrated with an app that connects to a phone or other mobile device and allows gamers to FINALLY learn how to solve the puzzle!

They can also battle with other “cubers” around the world in a series of mini-games.

Whether on your lunch break at work or just trying to take a breather during the holiday festivities, you can escape into the world of the Rubik’s Connected Cube.


5. For The Pet-Lover In Your Life: Petcube Bites 2; From $249


Of course, we had to complete our list with a sweet Tech gift for the pet lovers in your life!

Since its initial release in 2020, the Petcube Bites 2 has been regarded as one of the world’s most advanced interactive pet cameras.

We’ve all been in situations where we have had to go out of town and leave Fido behind. Petcube allows you to check in on your furry friend from afar.

Not only can you see your pet, you can also hear them, talk to them and even instruct the system to release treats – rewarding your pet on the go.

The best part? This can all be done right through a simple app on your smartphone!


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