Published On: December 27th, 2022

For over 30 years, Alert Scientific, Inc. has been providing quality laboratory equipment services necessary to meet the continually changing needs of the scientific community.

From researchers and scientists to physicians, the East Hartford, Connecticut-based company has played a critical role in supporting essential workers dedicated to improving the quality of life in our communities.

Alert ScientificTriple Helix Corporation was introduced to Alert Scientific, Inc. a little over a year ago. The company was in the midst of a huge growth phase and with it came a variety of data challenges.

As a company scales, previously used applications are not always able to continue to support them effectively. This is what happened with Alert Scientific, Inc. They had been utilizing a database in a program called Microsoft Access. Although it worked OK when the company was smaller, Access definitely has its limitations and began to really struggle as growth became inevitable. Access was no longer an appropriate data management solution for the expanding company. As more data began to get entered in, Access started to crash and malfunction regularly. The last thing a growing company needs or wants to deal with is unpredictable software which could cause data to become lost or compromised.

This is where Triple Helix stepped in and was able to help. Our skilled team of developers met with Alert Scientific, Inc. and discussed in detail the data challenges holding them back from continued growth and smooth business operations.

Over the last year, our dedicated team of software engineers spent countless hours converting their outdated Access database into a modern-day web application called The Alert Scientific Management Portal. Alongside the portal, our developers designed a mobile application that would work hand-in-hand with the desktop interface. The mobile app allowed technicians the ability to access and update critical data right from their tablets while out in the field. Administrators back at the office could even make a note right in the technician’s ticket and it would pop up in real time for them to see, drastically increasing communication. When the technicians came back into the office and their tablets synced to the wireless network, all data recorded offline would be automatically synced and updated in the connected web application.

This much more technologically advanced and user-friendly system was designed to replace the company’s previous Access system. In addition to increasing the visibility of data and communication across the team, our developers also equipped the application with a couple of unique organizational tools that really made an impact on overall productivity.

The Alert Scientific Management Portal automated many of Alert Scientific, Inc’s once cumbersome processes. With manual data entry quickly becoming a thing of the past, human error and miscommunication were greatly reduced – affording the company greater efficiency and productivity both in the office and on the go.

Our collaboration with Alert Scientific, Inc. is ongoing. In the coming months, we plan to work with them on a variety of additional projects designed to further streamline their business processes and procedures such as improving the quality of reporting.

Is your business in the process of scaling and being hindered by annoying data challenges? Don’t let poor data management hold you back. There are more efficient ways to manage your data and get ahead of the game. Give us a call at Triple Helix Corporation today and see how our developers can work with you to get your business operating more efficiently.

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