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Among a company’s most valuable assets is the information it generates and collects. We help you organize this data more effectively, access it more easily, analyze it more thoroughly and present it more clearly. Our focus is improving your business decision-making. If done well, your organization will operate better than ever, and your bottom line will reflect the improvement.

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  • Manufacturing KPIs

Reassessing Your Manufacturing KPIs for Maximum Impact

February 20th, 2019|0 Comments

Every manufacturing operation has key performance indicators (KPIs). For some, the KPIs may be updated daily on a whiteboard, for others they may be updated hourly in an ERP. Regardless of how you store or update your KPIs, it is a good practice to revisit your metrics annually to make sure they are providing you with the insight you need to manage your operation.

  • disruptive innovation

Incremental Change is Still Progress

February 19th, 2019|0 Comments

Our modern-day view of innovation as needing to be “game changing” or “revolutionary” is ignoring an important business reality: incremental change is still progress. Sure, we would all like our business to be the next Netflix, Facebook, or Amazon that disrupts an entire industry. However, focusing too much on disruptive innovation can cause your business to ignore opportunities to make small changes that could ultimately transform it.

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