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Automate Workflows to Prevent Project Holiday Hangovers

If your job or project management processes have a built-in reliance on one employee whose job it is to know which data to pull and how to compile it, the potential for error and delay increases dramatically if that person gets behind due to vacation or illness.

Spreadsheets Make Unstable Bridges

Bridging the gap between systems is a painful reality in many businesses, as data stored in one platform often needs to be combined with data in another to deliver useful information.

Add Real-Time Intelligence to Your Strategic Planning

Real-time intelligence and strategic plans may seem like a poor fit, since you do not want to be tinkering with your long-term planning too often. However, your business is gathering data continually, and your software should be automatically compiling it into intelligence that allows strategic planning to take place at appropriate times, without waiting for updates that could stall the process or create fog right when you need to see most clearly.

Use Year-End Reporting to Create a Data Inventory

For many businesses keeping track of inventory is a key function of the software they use. But equally important is your data inventory. Do you know what data you have on hand, and is your ERP or CRM set up to give you maximum benefit from the data that you use and store?

Solve Your Business Data and Process Problems