Insights & Impact

Motivating Employees with Data

Keeping employees organized and productive is a challenge in any industry, and there is a lot of confusion about what matters most: Employee satisfaction? Employee engagement? Or the employee experience?

Automate Manufacturing Data to Improve Your Supply Chain

The question for small manufacturers is where to invest time and money to improve their supply chain to reap some of that value themselves. The good news is that there are affordable hardware and software options that can make a big impact on the bottom line.

The Time to Attract Gen Z to Manufacturing is Now

The good news for manufacturers is that today’s teens and young adults have a better impression of manufacturing careers than millennials. The challenge for manufacturers looking to attract Gen Z is to keep building on the recruitment efforts begun while these workers were still in grade school.

Sales Intelligence Requires Smart Data

The term “sales intelligence” most often refers to the practice of gathering, organizing and analyzing data to help improve the performance of a company’s sales processes. At many companies, however, the process of developing sales intelligence stops at the organizing step due to the amount of time it takes to conduct a meaningful analysis.

Identifying Data Problems to Ensure Maximum Impact

Helping clients better organize, access and analyze their data is what we live and breathe at Triple Helix, so identifying data issues is second nature to us. For manufacturers who don’t pay close attention to their data until there is an issue, however, identifying underlying inefficiencies that are affecting their bottom line may not seem so easy.

Solve Your Business Data and Process Problems