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A Big ERP Dilemma Resolved
Turbine Support Services (TSS) is a Windsor, CT-based distributor of parts that go into jet engines. A key competitive differentiator for them is being able to supply clients with quality parts on short notice. To do this efficiently requires streamlined workflows in a number of areas — processing orders, tracking inventory, certifying parts, updating customer and vendor records, scheduling work to be completed up to two weeks out, and accurately billing large customers like Pratt & Whitney.

As TSS’ order volume and number of clients grew, so did the challenges associated with getting their ERP software to adapt to changing workflows. In particular, TSS had developed a new system for packaging parts to make it much easier for customers to install these parts when performing aircraft maintenance. This greatly improved customer satisfaction, but it became an operational headache because the ERP software wasn’t designed to do what TSS now needed. To compensate, they came up with manual workarounds that relied heavily on Excel spreadsheets and using whiteboards to manage orders, but this wasn’t a sustainable way to operate.

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Turbine Support Systems“All production and customer orders, plus our internal performance matrix, is now tracked through the visual “whiteboard” that Triple Helix created. It has significantly streamlined our processes and improved our accuracy. We used to have to print anywhere from 20-30 reports a week, but now we print none. Everything that used to be difficult or impossible to access through our ERP system is now all at your fingertips on one screen that everyone can access, regardless of where they are or what device they’re using.”

Matt Tomalonis, Vice President, Turbine Support Systems

When Data Volumes Impede Company Growth
Eastern Account System Inc. (EASI) is a CT-based collection business whose clients include some of the most respected companies in the healthcare, cable and entertainment industries. They employ over 600 call center agents who need fast, accurate and reliable access to customer information throughout each day. With tens of millions of database records in their systems, EASI’s ability to manage this information effectively had become a major challenge and increasingly tied to growth and profitability objectives. Triple Helix was asked by senior management to design an affordable solution for the company that could scale easily and make the user experience far more intuitive and pleasant.

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Eastern Account System Inc.“With a forecasted employee and business growth of 200-300% over the next few years, we needed a solution for workflow improvements that could support big volume increases and not negatively impact the underlying IT systems. The new system built by Triple Helix does this, completely transforming our operations and enabling us to grow confidently into the next phase of our business. They gave us the next generation hardware/software fusion we needed, and it was delivered flawlessly, on time, and within our budget. Our staff loves the new interface, which is incredibly easy to use, and the support from the Triple Helix team during the entire project was phenomenal.”

Steve Zank, VP, Eastern Account System, Inc.

Automating A Non-Profit Affordably
Family Partnerships of CT is a Windsor, CT-based community service provider that facilitates access to support resources for people with special needs. The organization was established in 2001 to address a service delivery gap between families, state agencies and communities.

Administratively, most aspects of running Family Partnerships used to involve paper-intensive processes. Very little was automated, resulting in unnecessary costs, frustrated employees, multiple compliance challenges, trouble taking on new clients and too much focus on non-mission related activity. Executive Director Susan Miller felt it had become necessary to invest in an automation solution that would at least tackle the most pressing of their administrative burdens. She called on Triple Helix to come up with an affordable answer for automating caseworker time entry, documenting progress notes, invoicing and reporting, where the need to have the right information available for CT DDS and financial audits was paramount.

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Family Partnerships of CT“Initially, I was just hoping to improve time tracking for employees and be in a position to pass a state audit or financial audit. But what Triple Helix built gave us a lot more than that, plus the flexibility to automate other processes on a pay-as-you-go basis, which is very important for a budget-strapped organization like ours. I have much more peace of mind with this system in place and support from Triple Helix just a phone call away. They’ve been great to work with – a partner we needed.”

Susan Miller, Executive Director, Family Partnerships of Connecticut