VUE Interactive Touchscreens Helps Manufacturer Keep Up with Customer Demands

Koster Keunen needed information it had in its ERP available in real time in different areas of the company including production planning, operations, sales and shipping and receiving. They need to be able to interact with the data, not just see it.

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koster keunen“This system developed has greatly enhanced our visibility to our key planning, scheduling, and operation’s needs. While some of this information is available within our existing ERP system, most of it is buried under many layers and very cumbersome to get into. The new system allows access to our critical information more quickly and in some cases has completely eliminated some manual data recording efforts. A real win for us!”

John Koster, President, Koster Keunen, Inc.

Getting in Front of Deadlines with Better Data Visibility

For Connecticut-based manufacturer, Nortek, the challenges of dealing with increased orders from a major client was compounded by the lack of access to information at key points of the manufacturing process. Among other things, the lack of real-time feedback was causing some parts to get held up early in the manufacturing process, due to the job not looking “urgent” at that point.

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nortek, inc.“This system has greatly improved visibility to our highest priority jobs ensuring that we meet our customer commitments on time. We’ve since expanded the system to allow our customers direct visibility to their jobs which has greatly increased customer satisfaction and visibility. The system even allows us to automatically publish schedules and share with our customers, a process that used to take hours, is now finished in minutes.
A real win for us!”

Larry Mazza, General Manager, Nortek Inc.

When Data Volumes Impede Company Growth

With tens of millions of database records in their systems, Eastern Account System Inc.’s ability to manage this information effectively had become a major challenge and increasingly tied to growth and profitability objectives.

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“With a forecasted employee and business growth of 200-300% over the next few years, we needed a solution for workflow improvements that could support big volume increases and not negatively impact the underlying IT systems. The new system built by Triple Helix does this, completely transforming our operations and enabling us to grow confidently into the next phase of our business. They gave us the next generation hardware/software fusion we needed, and it was delivered flawlessly, on time, and within our budget. Our staff loves the new interface, which is incredibly easy to use, and the support from the Triple Helix team during the entire project was phenomenal.”

Steve Zank, VP, Eastern Account System, Inc.

Automating Affordably

Administratively, most aspects of running Family Partnerships used to involve paper-intensive processes. Very little was automated, resulting in unnecessary costs, frustrated employees, multiple compliance challenges, trouble taking on new clients and too much focus on non-mission related activity.

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family partnerships of ct“This new system is an incredible step forward for us as it saves us considerable time and effort over how we used to create our paperwork manually. One report that used to take us over 8 hours to produce is now created in mere seconds. As our company continues to grow, this system will allow us to meet our increasing demands effortlessly.”

Susan Miller, President, Family Partnerships of CT

Modern Application Replaces Outdated Database – Improving Communication And Increasing Visibility

As a company scales, previously used applications are not always able to continue to support them effectively. This is what happened with Alert Scientific, Inc. The increase in business data was difficult to manage and view efficiently. Triple Helix stepped in and was able to help by converting their outdated database into a new, modern web application.

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“I highly recommend Triple Helix! We contracted them to create a new database for our laboratory repair company and they have been great to work with. Very responsive!”

Scott McLeod, Director of Operations, Alert Scientific, Inc.

New Reporting Tools Allow Company To Access And Analyze Data Like Never Before

Bead Industries has grown exponentially since the 1920s. With growth, comes new data challenges. One of which has been the struggle to get accurate and effective reports.

From knowing where a company stands financially, to managing inventory and projecting growth, effective reporting is absolutely essential for businesses that are scaling.

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Bead IndustriesTriple Helix did a great job creating a dashboard to help us streamline our purchasing processes. They worked very hard to meet our needs, integrating our system with the new dashboard. The final product is exactly what we needed for our business and saves us a lot of time daily.

Sara Fradette, Production Planner, Bead Industries