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“Triple Helix provided us with tremendous value and cost savings in solving a serious operational problem caused by another vendor. They listened to our problems and solved them in both an economical and timely manner. Several minor issues we discovered with the new system were quickly and completely resolved by the Triple Helix team. Many thanks for a job well done!”

Richard Grimaldi, President
Superior Rug Cleaning Corporation
Business Services

“With a forecasted employee and business growth of 200-300% over the next few years, we needed a solution for workflow improvements that didn’t negatively impact the underlying IT systems. The systems in place were not going to support the increased volume. The new system built by Triple Helix completely transformed our operations and enabled us to grow confidently into the next phase of our business. They provided us with the next generation hardware/software fusion we needed, and it was delivered flawlessly, on time, and within our budget. Our staff loves the new interface, which is incredibly easy to use, and the support from the Triple Helix team during the entire project was phenomenal.”

Steve Zank, Vice President
Eastern Account System, Inc.
Call Center Operatio

“All production and customer orders, plus our internal performance matrix, is now tracked through the visual ‘whiteboard’ that Triple Helix created. It has significantly streamlined our processes and improved our accuracy. We used to have to print anywhere from 20-30 reports a week, but now we print none. Everything that used to be difficult or impossible to access through our ERP system is now all at your fingertips on one screen that everyone can access, regardless of where they are or what device they’re using.”

Matt Tomalonis, Vice President
Turbine Support Services
Logistics & Distribution

“Triple Helix was instrumental in helping us get our new website up and running on time and on budget. They listened to our ideas and designed a website that nicely serves the diverse members of our community today and that can be expanded as our needs change. The new site truly gives us a more professional look and conveys a positive sense of outreach to our community members. We highly recommend the Triple Helix team for any organization looking to make a positive impact on their customers.”

Al Grimm, IT Director
Community Action Agency of New Haven

“This system has become instrumental to our operations and now saves us considerable time and effort over our previous paper-based system. Employees, clients, and invoicing records are now seamlessly linked which has dramatically shortened our billing cycle times. A huge improvement overall for us!”

Deb Davis, Executive Director
Alternative Services Connecticut
Community Service Provider