High performance, interactive smart touchscreen monitor display system to visualize data.

Connects seamlessly to existing data systems to provide real-time summaries and intuitive data interpretation.

Specialized reporting tools allow for creation of relevant data dashboards specific to company needs.

visualize data

An Industry 4.0 solution featuring:

  • Standard and custom interactive business intelligence tools interface with your company’s ERP/MRP (sales, material, production, & financial) software
  • Replaces whiteboards, spreadsheets, and paper printouts pulling data from multiple databases to a single touchscreen monitor and web-based dashboard
  • Ensures management and production keep up with open orders, inventory levels, and customer demands
  • Provides real-time views of operations, shipping, production planning, and more!

touchscreen monitor

LCD (LED) Touchscreen Monitor Models Available in Multiple Sizes: 32” / 42” / 46” / 55” / 70”

Make Your Manufacturing Data Visible to ALL Employees on the Floor with a Touchscreen Monitor

  • Improve Communication
  • Increase Productivity
  • Enhance Customer Satisfaction

One constant in the world of manufacturing is change. Changing schedules, changing delivery commitments, and changing demands. On many shop floors, whiteboards and spreadsheets drive production, planning, and operations, but neither method copes very well with constant information updates. With the VUE from Triple Helix, you can make your ERP data visible and interactive with a touchscreen monitor, in real time.

Triple Helix’s VUE interfaces seamlessly with your company’s ERP/MRP (sales, material, production, & financial) software to replace whiteboards, spreadsheets and paper printouts with touchscreens and web-based dashboards. These new tools enhance your existing software investments and become your preferred solution for production, operations, planning, and priority scheduling.

Improve Communication

  • Manage job priorities with live ERP data: no more paper reports or whiteboards
  • Get real-time project status and schedules usable for managers and employees alike

triple helix screens

Increase Productivity When You Can Visualize Data

  • Using manual workarounds (or worse, Excel) to manage production workflows?
  • ERP software doesn’t support summary reporting or special views you need? VUE can help!
  • VUE uses your ERP data to display standard and custom views of sales, financial, and material/production data through an intuitive interface!

triple helix touchscreen

What our clients are saying:

“Installing VUE in our facility has greatly improved visibility to our highest priority jobs and ensures we meet our customer commitments on time and under budget.” – Nortek, Inc.

“We needed our real-time ERP data available in different areas of the company including production planning, operations, sales, shipping & receiving, but we needed to be able to interact with the data, not just see it. The VUE system accomplished this goal quickly and affordably.” – Koster Keunen, Inc.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

By consistently delivering products on time you can increase customer satisfaction and chances of repeat orders. In addition, you’ll have the confidence in your processes to promise faster delivery up front and win more contracts!

Under promising and over delivering is great, but living up to high expectations is even better. Making your ERP data more visible to the right employees when they need it can provide a major boost to your bottom line.

Use the VUE in all areas of your company, including:

Use the VUE in all areas of your company

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