Professional Services

Professional Services

Insurance agencies, employee benefits consultants, CPAs and other professional services firms are being forced by rapidly advancing technology to alter their traditional methods of conducting business, or run the risk of becoming obsolete. As a result, new business models are emerging, the manner in which services are delivered is changing, along with how clients are being supported. The management and protection of data is now a critical success factor for a lot of companies. Unfortunately, many feel overwhelmed and unprepared to deal with the increasing number of data challenges they face.

We help professional services firms address these challenges in two primary ways.

First, we act as an objective 2nd set of eyes to look at critical workflows and identify where and how processes can be streamlined using technology. This typically involves the elimination of steps that are redundant, costly and error-prone.

Second, we assist with data analysis using an advanced software tool that identifies interrelated but hidden patterns in a company’s data, such as its customer database. By doing this, we give clients predictive insight they otherwise can’t obtain in areas such as customer behavior, potential new markets, market segmentation and other factors that directly impact business direction and decision-making.

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