Boost Your Online Presence, Boost Your Bottom Line

Most business owners don’t realize that more than 80% of purchase decisions begin with a simple Internet search. If your company does not have an effective online presence that is both informative and engaging to your target audience, you are missing potential opportunities to scale your business.

But, How Do I Have An Effective Online Presence?

An engaging online presence begins with having a professionally built website that really resonates with your intended customer. And in order to build a site that resonates well with them, you need to have a complete picture of who your intended customer is. Define the demographics of people who are most likely to be interested in the product or service that you are marketing, and cater your website and advertisements accordingly.

Effective websites do so much more than just capture a customer’s attention with eye-catching graphics and creative page copy. The website should quickly and clearly be able to identify solutions that will solve the customer’s immediate problems. If it’s not obvious how your services can help that user, it’s likely they will end up leaving your site in a matter of seconds – no matter how well designed it is. And once a customer leaves your site, it’s pretty unlikely you’re going to get that customer back.

Triple Helix designs, develops, and hosts websites that not only attract relevant people and businesses – but also transforms them into qualified leads and more importantly, buyers. You can learn more about our website design and development services here.

Now that we realize most decisions you might make begin with a simple Internet search – and understand the value of having a well-built site – let’s talk about SEO. Because what good is a solid site if it’s not being picked up and found on the most popular search engines?

So, What Is Search Engine Optimization?

The content published on your site and social media channels is so important. It’s this content which will drive your company’s Internet search visibility on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The more unique, original and relevant your site’s material is to your intended audience, the more likely it is to rank high in search results.

But how do you know what content to publish? Unless you have extensive experience working with SEO and building websites, it can definitely be overwhelming to the average business owner. Knowing what content to publish usually starts with running an overall assessment and gathering statistics about how your site is currently performing (you will likely be surprised)! Once you have a better picture of what’s happening with your site now, you can set measurable goals as to where you want your site rankings to be in the months – and years – to come.

In running an assessment, you can see whether or not the keywords you are using are actually resonating with your intended customers. What is a keyword? A keyword is a word within your page copy and images that tell what they are about – and that is picked up readily by Google and other search engines (i.e. what your intended customers are searching for). Chances are the keywords you are using within your pages just aren’t resonating – and you are not alone. It’s not surprising that most business owners just don’t understand or recognize the importance of effective keyword research.

Certain keywords resonate better with your intended audience than others. But how do you know what those keywords are? Keyword research. Lots of it. Ever wonder what those seemingly endless lists of hashtags on social sites like Instagram are all about? Well, it all comes back to keywords. Knowing what keywords are trending within your industry is key to being found online – and delivering content people will actually want to read and engage with. Once you have identified relevant keywords, it’s important to sprinkle them strategically throughout the copy and images on your website so you can rank higher and increase your overall web traffic.

When writing copy for your site, it should be informative but should also sprinkle in as many keywords as you can using SEO best practices without sounding off-putting or salesy. It’s all about balance. The more keywords you use on your site, the higher ranked you will be by Google and other search engines. So when an intended customer uses one of those keywords to search for a service or product online, ideally, your site will pop up. And in a perfect world, it will be in the top 5 websites mentioned.

So, what else can you do with keywords? Well, it’s equally important to create and manage a blog with the relevant keywords you have discovered in your research. Blogging can seem super time-consuming and unrealistic for most (it is). But, publishing and promoting regular blog content gives you the perfect opportunity to sprinkle in high-ranking keywords and share relevant content with your audience to better their overall user experience.

It’s a double-edged sword. Blogging may be a huge investment time wise, but it is also critical in boosting your credibility and overall SEO. You are dropping super helpful information to your intended audience on a subject you are very knowledgeable about (and they obviously care about) and you are boosting your SEO and online presence in the meantime. It’s a double win!

Many successful businesses will even go a step further and consider writing guest blog posts on other websites. But, why would you want to waste your time writing for someone else, when you can barely find the time to keep up with your own blog? It’s not a waste. As it turns out, writing copy on subjects you are well-versed on for other sites is one of the best tools you can use to increase your own visibility. When another website links back to your site (this is called a backlink), it helps boost your own SEO and overall visibility in search engines substantially. The more quality links you have back to your site, the better – and it starts with getting other websites to talk about you through this link building process.

Can I Do SEO On My Own?

We understand online marketing is super time consuming! You are already a business owner, and that’s a full time job in and of itself. It can seem down-right impossible to get everything you need to do done, and still find time to market and scale your presence online. We completely understand. Your expertise is in running your business and one of ours is in getting your business found. Why not let our talented team of experts here at Triple Helix Corporation help you boost your global or local SEO and online presence?

We can work with you to assess your current website content and online presence. We will compare it with similar web page content in your industry that is already ranking well in terms of page rankings. Furthermore, we will use this information as a benchmark to help us in recommending and implementing online marketing solutions, using SEO tools like Google’s search console to increase your online presence and your site’s overall visibility. Creating copy and content for your site that is engaging, informative and resonates well with your target audience is key to maintaining an effective online presence and boosting your search ranking results. Making sure your site and other content is optimized will help you get found, boost your sales and increase your bottom line. It truly is an investment in the future of your business.