When Data Volumes Impede Company Growth

Eastern Account System Inc. (EASI) is a CT-based collection business whose clients include some of the most respected companies in the healthcare, cable, and entertainment industries. They employ over 600 call center agents who need fast, accurate and reliable access to customer information throughout each day.

With tens of millions of database records in their systems, EASI’s ability to manage this information effectively had become a major challenge and increasingly impacted growth and profitability objectives. Triple Helix was asked by senior management to design an affordable solution for improving workflows for the company that could scale easily and make the user experience far more intuitive and pleasant.

Eastern Account System Inc.

Unstable Legacy Solution Slowing the Organization Down

Over the years, EASI has built a reputation for employing leading-edge technology, such as real-time voice analysis, to differentiate itself in a highly competitive market. However, an internally developed Microsoft Access solution had outgrown its capability to handle the growing number of agents and data volume.

It became increasingly slow and needed frequent rebooting. Too many users logging in at once would crash the system. As a result, the agents were less productive, morale suffered, and client satisfaction dropped. Adding to the problem, the end user interface was overly complex and contributed to unacceptable levels of human error.

A Scalable Solution to Support Growth

Triple Helix redesigned and rebuilt the user interface, converting it into a web portal and freeing it from the constraints of MS Access. The new solution required call center agents to navigate far fewer screens and followed a more logical and intuitive workflow, reducing mouse clicks and simplifying access to information that had previously been concealed or difficult to find.

The new solution also allows EASI to scale its user base exponentially without system performance issues or having to purchase costly software licenses. Finally, the new portal handles all database querying duties, which eliminated an additional layer of software that had been required in the legacy system.

With a new, streamlined approach to data management and call handling EASI can manage more than 10 times the data it could before, and there is no longer a “lag” when retrieving data, even with more than 800 concurrent users. The new platform was developed with open-source components and offers almost unlimited scalability and customization options, something not feasible with the use of proprietary, closed-source software.

“Triple Helix gave us the next generation hardware/software fusion we needed, and it was delivered flawlessly, on time, and within our budget,” said Steve Zank, Vice President of EASI. “Our staff loves the new interface, which is incredibly easy to use, and the support from the Triple Helix team during the entire project was phenomenal.”

Since 2004, Triple Helix has provided data and information systems for the aerospace and manufacturing industries as well as businesses in the service, healthcare and non-profit sectors. Our solutions complement existing technology investments to avoid costly replacements.

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