koster keunenOne constant in the world of manufacturing is changing. Changing schedules, changing delivery commitments and changing demands. On many shop floors whiteboards and spreadsheets drive production, planning and operations but neither method cope very well with constant information updates.

“My goal for a long time was to see sales information anytime, anywhere. Especially when I’m traveling,” said John Koster, Jr., president of Koster Keunen, Inc. Koster Keunen, based in Watertown, CT, is one of the world’s leading processors, refiners and marketers of natural waxes. “Until recently I did not have that capability.”

Koster Keunen needed information it had in its ERP available in real time in different areas of the company including production planning, operations, sales and shipping and receiving. They need to be able to interact with the data, not just see it.

With a VUE Interactive touchscreen from Triple Helix Corporation (Triple Helix) the company was able to leverage an interactive production planning board to insure production is able to keep up with open orders.

The same screen also allows production operations to monitor the status of all open production batches and where they are in the process…all in real-time.

“Touchscreens that interface with existing systems can greatly increase productivity and overall customer satisfaction,” said Jason Bittner, president of Triple Helix, a Connecticut-based company specializing in data solutions that improve business operations and outcomes. “The ROI generated by the improvements can be measured in months rather than years.”

The ability to generate a big benefit in a short amount of time is based in Triple Helix’s method of working with clients to identify the major pain points and develop a solution that compliments what is already there rather than starting from scratch.

In the case of Koster Keunen, the company’s ERP already had a lot of valuable data in it but it was diffucult to access so that using it effectively was difficult and time-consuming. The Triple Helix VUE system brought the data forward into easy to use touchscreens so that it was easily interpreted and understood in real time.

Since 2004, Triple Helix has provided data and information systems for the aerospace and manufacturing industries. Our solutions complement existing technology investments to avoid costly replacements.

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