Getting in Front of Deadlines with Better Data Visibility

nortek, inc.For Massachusetts-based manufacturer, Nortek, the challenges of dealing with increased orders from a major client was compounded by the lack of access to information at key points of the manufacturing process.

As with many manufacturers using an ERP, Nortek could view information about specific jobs but could not get a real-time view of all open jobs in a manner that would allow them to make fully informed decisions on prioritizing jobs and the optimal allocation of resources.

Nortek: Getting in Front of Deadlines with Better Data Visibility

Realizing the Importance of Real-Time Information

Among other things, the lack of real-time feedback was causing some parts to get held up early in the manufacturing process, due to the job not looking “urgent” at that point.

For Larry Mazza, Nortek’s general manager, keeping things moving was eating up a lot of his time and not solving the underlying issues. “I was having to look at jobs one at a time and make changes on a case-by-case basis,” Mazza said.

An Affordable Custom Solution

Triple Helix used its unique process and ERP expertise to identify the key data that was needed to manage each job process fully. They then developed a scheduling application that allows managers and line workers alike to see the status and priority of jobs in real time.

With the new scheduling solution, managers have access to real-time date to see all the jobs in the queue and arrange them by status, due date or priority to keep every job on track toward on-time completion.

“The new view of our jobs data has been a huge help for our job planning and scheduling and provided a big boost to operational efficiency and customer satisfaction,” said Mazza. “The solution developed for us by Triple Helix has opened our eyes to the importance of real-time data in our operations.”

Since 2004, Triple Helix has provided data and information systems for the aerospace and manufacturing industries. Our solutions complement existing technology investments to avoid costly replacements and are vendor-agnostic. Triple Helix can develop time- and money-saving solutions for most ERPs, including Epicor, Jobboss, E2, IQMS and Oracle.

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