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Get Smart: Remote Workers Edition

Remote work and telecommuting are by no means new mediums. However, amid the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the sheer volume of people and organizations forced and herded into digital productivity and Internet-based communications solutions in recent months is staggering. Especially for those that weren’t prepared for the urgency of government-mandated stay-home orders.

RPA for Every Organization

No matter the type of business or organization, one law reigns supreme: paperwork is boring. The corollary to that is, of course: boredom causes errors. Shortcuts are almost inevitable when repetitive or convoluted paperwork processing takes its toll on employees and their time-crunched schedules. Enter the robots!

Leveraging Your CRM to Improve Efficiency

CRM software is essential for the smooth running of nonprofit and service organization alike. The current generation of solutions combine the features that make keeping track of donor or customer interactions a breeze.

Think “Apps” to Attract and Retain Gen Y and Gen Z Employees

Attracting talented young workers is a key investment in the future of any enterprise. Equally important to making your investment pay off is making sure they stay. The current generations of incoming employees have been lifelong technology users, a fact that comes with benefits for employers, but may lead to some necessary retooling of the workplace.

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