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What Does IIoT Mean for Small Manufacturers?

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is talked about as more of a reality today than ever before. Smart factories built by Ericsson, Schneider Electric, and other technology providers have provided concrete examples of how IIoT can drive further improvements in manufacturing.

Stop Spending More Time Finding Data Than Using It

You may think there is nothing more irritating than looking everywhere for your car keys only to find them in the first place you looked. However, spending more time tracking down the right data to manage your manufacturing business than actually using it is both irritating and costly.

Get Everyone on the Bus to Get More Out of Your ERP Data

There is so much data involved in running a modern manufacturing operation that an ERP solution is pretty much a necessity to keep up with the reporting requirements for managing your business. While accurate reports are important, have you explored all the ways your ERP could be powering all aspects of your operations?

Changing the Perception of Manufacturing Careers

The stories about American manufacturing in the media today are still a mix of stereotypes and challenges and public perceptions of the industry reflect the lack of a cohesive picture of this key piece of the American economy.

Solve Your Business Data and Process Problems