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Before designing and building any solution, we prefer to inspect under the hood of your business. We want to look at what you do and how you do it, the data you collect and how you use it, the problems you’re trying to solve and the outcomes you’re trying to achieve. It is a Phase 0 process review.

The importance of the Phase 0 due diligence phase cannot be understated, as it leads directly to designing solutions where the risk of uninformed decision making is greatly reduced and solutions can be implemented far more quickly. The outcome is a blueprint unique to your business. Most clients view it as a low-cost insurance policy to protect against expensive mistakes that can occur when insufficient upfront planning is done.

These are the fundamental questions we want to answer during a Phase 0 review:

Feasibility: Can a solution Triple Helix is capable of developing actually do what the client needs? Does available technology allow for it? Is the desired combination of functionality, cost, and design parameters possible?

Requirements: Have the requirements been sufficiently articulated by all key stakeholders, including end users? Are they captured in a well-structured and sufficiently comprehensive manner?

Architecture: How will the solution be developed? What are the technology options? Is off-the-shelf software available, and if so, is it suitable and affordable? OR… does a custom software development effort better address the requirements?

Program Planning: In what sequence will activities be organized? How much parallel efforts can there be? Who will do what — Triple Helix, any other 3rd parties, or even the client themselves?

Proof of Concept: Does an early prototype need to be built and tested to prove that the Phase 1 deliverable will work as advertised and the client will be satisfied with it? Is there anything that needs to be seen operating “in real-life” as opposed to just hypothetically evaluating it?

What is the outcome of a Phase 0 assessment?

A summary of our findings and recommendations for moving forward to a Phase 1 development effort and beyond. It serves as a roadmap that includes a definition of the development schedule and a cost estimate. It is a limited engagement with no risk or obligation to our client to continue beyond Phase 0. However, it gives us an opportunity over several meetings to speak with the stakeholders, evaluate technical options, and in some cases shadow the primary users of a “broken” system to understand the shortcomings from their perspective.

Phase 0 is far more involved than just simply developing a quote for building a solution. The intended purpose is to assist a client in making a proper, well-informed decision, whether they decide to continue beyond the Phase 0 or not.