Published On: October 19th, 2021

In this day and age, many business owners have started to recognize the importance of data management and security. Implementing an effective data management software and strategy is essential in keeping sensitive business data secure and business operations running smoothly. There are many software programs available on the market designed to do just this. However, out of the box programs don’t always include all of the components a particular business model needs.

We understand your business structure is unique, and your software should be just as unique. But when business owners hear the word “custom,” many automatically assume “expensive.” It doesn’t have to be. A company’s existing software can actually be augmented to make it scalable and maximize its usability.

custom software

Having custom components added to your existing software could mean the difference between staying stagnant or experiencing exponential growth. The ideal software solution should scale with you, not hinder growth and development.

One major challenge we see across the board with businesses we work with is what we affectionately refer to as “Excel Hell.” Business owners and their employees relying on a heavy load of Excel spreadsheets to combat daily operations.

There’s a spreadsheet for everything. Time tracking. Recording processes and procedures. Keeping a log of refunds and returns. Storing passwords (talk about putting sensitive data in major jeopardy). Everything. How much time is wasted just sorting through spreadsheets to get to the one you are looking for?

This spreadsheet dependency is outdated, inefficient and cumbersome to business operations. There’s a better way.

working on computerEnter custom modifications, which can be added to your existing software program. These modifications are strategically planned and developed with your unique business model in mind. Our senior developers here at Triple Helix can research the most effective solutions for your business and execute software recommendations accordingly.

So what can an optimized data management software do for you? This augmented software is carefully developed and designed to handle, track and store all of your company’s data in one secure (usually cloud based) location, completely eliminating the need for Excel spreadsheets.

The software solutions we design are curated specific to your business and are just as scalable as you are. We understand growth is at the heart of every business. By eliminating the need for unwieldy Excel spreadsheets and consolidating data, business owners and employees will have much more time to focus on critical tasks at hand like operations and development.

Is your business ready to explore the growth opportunities available by optimizing your data management software? We’d love to chat with you more about your business and hear how we can help!

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