Published On: September 7th, 2017

KKI approached Triple Helix to evaluate their need for a new data reporting system to use on a 70” interactive touchscreen that would seamlessly connect to their existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. The current system and workflow processes had become insufficient for handling expanded requirements in key areas such as planning and scheduling.

Following a Phase 0 assessment to determine what was truly needed, Triple Helix developed a solution that integrates a 70” interactive touchscreen display on the shop floor with KKI’s ERP and warehouse management systems. This new interface provides Koster management and employees with real-time visibility to daily operations, shipping and scheduling.

Commented John Koster, President/CEO of KKI: “This system Triple Helix developed has greatly enhanced our visibility to key planning, scheduling and other operational data. While some of this information is available within our existing ERP system, most of it is buried under many layers and very cumbersome to get to. The new system allows access to our critical information much more quickly and, in some cases, has completely eliminated some manual data entry efforts. It’s been a real win for us.”

Koster Keunen, Inc. (KKI), with U.S. headquarters in Watertown, CT, is a 5th generation manufacturer that has operated continuously since 1852. They are a world leader in the processing and refining of natural and synthetic waxes for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, candle and food industries.

Triple Helix also recently developed Koster Keunen’s new website. It can be accessed at

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