A passion for problem solving
Our expertise surrounds data, but our passion is tied to problem solving. Pre-packaging solutions is one way to solve data problems, but this is often not the best long-term approach. We want to provide your company with solutions that work today and don’t become obsolete as technology advances and your business evolves.  Therefore, we do not package solutions.  Every company and every situation is different and should be treated as such.

Finding the right fix
Your current software may work well for some tasks but be a bad fit for others. Companies usually apply layers of Band-Aids to patch holes when this occurs, or even consider costly replacement projects. There’s often a better, more affordable way to fix things. An independent assessment can reveal ways to close or eliminate key gaps, allowing you to stick with current business applications and get much more value out of them — at a fraction of the cost of buying and implementing new software.

An analytical approach
Business leaders too often lean heavily on intuition when making important decisions. Without using available, quality information to help validate these decisions, over-reliance on gut instinct can become a problem. We produce analyses of your data that are clear, precise and to the point. By assisting in this way, we provide a foundation for data-driven decision-making that can generate insight you didn’t think was possible, which can lead to developing clear competitive advantages.

An open mind
We refuse to get locked into specific products or technology. We start with understanding a company’s business challenges and then determine the appropriate technology to help address them. This business-first mentality keeps us open-minded and impartial to technology tools or vendors. We don’t want to impose pre-packaged technologies that are designed for the masses and are rarely the right fit.  Rather, we want to build solutions to fit a specific need by insisting on a technology and vendor-agnostic approach.


  • We are technologists who focus first on where the business pain is originating and second on what technology should be applied to fix the problem. Too many IT departments and technology consultants do it the other way around, which results in inaccurately defined problems and projects that go awry.
  • We hire people who are naturally curious and passionate about contributing to other peoples’ success — two incredibly important attributes to have when tackling data challenges. Without them, the right questions will not get asked and the best resolution ideas will not surface.
  • We use a phased approach, beginning with a short discovery step that allows us to accurately and mutually define what a client needs before any “work” gets started.  This greatly reduces the risk of starting down the wrong path and allows clients to control budgets and measure outcomes more easily.
  • We are proponents of open source software. Among many positives, it is more cost-effective from a licensing standpoint, savings which get passed along to clients.  It also enables us to build more adaptable, modular and scalable solutions for clients who need software designed for their specific requirements.