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Blockchain Will Undoubtedly Change The Insurance Business

The implications for decentralized ledger technology in a transaction-intensive industry like insurance are substantial. Simplifying the claims process, reducing high premiums, helping insurers create niche coverages, benefitting insureds who live in catastrophe or ultra-poor regions, the list goes on. It translates into very real possibilities to transition new and existing models of insurance into the digital age.

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Case Study: The Potential of Your Data Paying Off in a Big Way

A challenge facing many companies: Using your own data, how could you develop a more predictable sales funnel, one which results in revenue gains that are achieved more reliably and cost-effectively? And how could you optimize for actual sales rather than just leads, most of which turn are poor quality to begin with? Here’s one approach.

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Mismanaging Critical Data Introduces All Kinds Of Risk

Risk associated with mismanaging critical data is rising, impacting everything from a company's reputation to its profitability. Annually, this represents a substantial amount of preventable cost and lost opportunities. Just as bad, the problem is a secret to nobody. Everyone in the company sees that data problems don’t ever seem to get resolved and not enough is being done about it.

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Is Shaming Executives Sometimes Necessary?

Imagine claiming your house is secure but not knowing how many doors it has? Or that your kids are safe but not knowing where they are? Amazingly, this is what is still happening at most companies when it comes to data protection. The people in power nod affirmatively about their critical data being secure but in reality have no clue whether it is. They just hope it is.

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