See the Big Picture, Faster

Many companies still treat data as a liability, which in an increasingly data-driven world puts them at a disadvantage. Uncovering interesting relationships from within large datasets and turning these into direct, actionable business decisions is a challenge for most companies, where resources and technical expertise are often limited, but it does not have to be.

Triple Helix has worked with businesses of all sizes and in many industries to find connections between disparate data sources and help find usable business intelligence. If your business is dependent on one or more of these data sources, Triple Helix can help your data based decision making to get more value you from them:

  • Inbound marketing data
  • CRM data
  • ERP data
  • Financial data
  • Help desk data
  • Outbound marketing data
  • Customer survey data
Statistical / Data Analysis Consulting

Three Data Analysis Consulting Engagement Options

End Spreadsheet Dependency

Despite the adoption of accounting systems, Customer Relationship Manager (CRMs), and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERPs) systems, spreadsheets remain heavily used in the business world. This dependency on spreadsheets is almost never a good thing. Every company Triple Helix has worked with had convoluted, error-filled, opaque, human-dependent Excel processes in place. Triple Helix can assess your level of spreadsheet dependency and help craft a plan to transition to real-time reporting.
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See What Your Data Is Telling You

Besides offering custom data analysis consulting, Triple Helix has distilled our years of experience into a powerful, easy to use “data robot” that connects the dots to create valuable business intelligence. Our Data Storyteller takes the pain out of connecting multiple data sources.
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Custom Data Analysis Consultation

Not sure where to begin? We’ve been there with many clients. That is why Triple Helix developed our Phase 0 approach to develop an understanding of your business and your data assets that identifies the key gaps in the business before recommending improvements.
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