Database development is one of our specialty services here at Triple Helix. We have a highly skilled team of developers who have the experience in working with a variety of different databases. When you choose us for your database development needs, you can rest assured you are choosing a team who is as passionate about what they do as they are experienced. We will work with you to design and implement a database solution that will improve your overall operations and increase your bottom line.

Our company is extremely proficient in all aspects of database development and will create a software application that will best support it. From helping a small company that has outgrown Microsoft Access to complex projects involving designing interactive dashboards with real-time feeds, from multiple data sources, we can help optimize your time and company with database solutions that work for you.

These are some of our target areas when it comes to database development:

  • Database Design
  • Data migration and integration
  • Database performance tuning
  • Data mining, reporting and analytics

Triple Helix Solves Real World Business Problems With Database Development

Better Database Development, Data Organization and Management

Eastern Account System Inc., whose clients include some of the most respected companies in the healthcare, cable, and entertainment industries, is just one of many clients who has utilized our database development services to get ahead of their data. Prior to working with us, the company had tens of millions of database records in their systems. They found managing the mass amounts of data in an effective way to be one of their biggest challenges. In order to better meet their growth and profitability objectives, they needed to regain control of their database. See how database developer, Triple Helix, played an integral role here.

Better Data Access

One Connecticut-based manufacturer, Nortek, was struggling to manage an ever-increasing volume of orders from one of their major clients and needed a change to help their customers. A lack of being able to easily access information and real-time data at key manufacturing points only made the situation worse. Critical parts for priority jobs were not available when needed in the process, because the job did not appear “urgent.” The answer? Develop a new scheduling application that allows managers and line workers alike to view the status and priority of jobs based in real time.  Find out how Triple Helix utilized our database development skills to make key data visible.

Better Data Analysis

Why is database development so important in making sure your organization is running as smoothly as possible? A well designed and developed database is the foundation of a data management system that effectively supports your growing business. Family Partnerships of Connecticut recognized this need and turned to Triple Helix for help. They needed to be able to streamline existing operations processes technology and develop a new database solution to automate them in order to save money and employee resources and hours. Learn how Triple Helix helped transform the company’s operations.