Custom Software Development

Put our software development expertise to work for your company and power operations with a dependable and affordable custom software solution. If an out-of-the-box solution is not working for you, consider a custom solution from Triple Helix.

Web Application Development

We develop applications that integrate with and facilitate the use of business data. Web-based applications free you and your company from “out-of-the-box” software constraints. Develop your ideal process and Triple Helix can deliver the application to power it.

Database Development

Triple Helix specializes in developing, deigning and working with databases. We have an experienced team capable of helping a small company transition away from storing data in MS Access to developing interactive dashboards with real-time feeds from multiple data sources.

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Company Business Process Review & Consulting

Your current software may work well for some tasks but could be a bad fit for others. Companies usually apply layers of Band-Aids to patch holes when this occurs, or even consider costly replacement projects. There’s often a better, more affordable way to fix things.

Data / Statistical Analysis Consulting

A Triple Helix core competency is our ability to manipulate, analyze, and interpret data. The tool we’ve developed and the process we follow to examine and report on a client’s data ensures the results obtained are meaningful, repeatable and insightful each time.

Website Design & Hosting

We design dynamic websites built on a variety of CMS platforms, giving clients complete control of their content once the design work is completed. Our focus is on site design that gets clients the business results they want to achieve.

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