Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

Develop Software That Meets Your Unique Needs

If your processes have had to adapt to your software but performance could be improved if the situation were reversed, then custom software development could be worth the investment of time and money.

Besides being the most powerful way to solve difficult business problems, well-planned custom software can deliver a major boost to efficiency and productivity, providing a positive impact to your bottom line.

Meeting Unique Challenges with Custom Software

Many of our custom software development clients had one of these challenges that were holding their business back:

• Inefficient processes involving a lot of manual data entry/manipulation
• Multiple applications required to support a single process
• Real-time data to inform key personnel of progress in critical processes was lacking
• Data stored in multiple databases requiring manual processes to aggregate and analyze the data

Recognizing the challenge is only the beginning. Triple Helix has the experience to help your business fully define the business problem, the desired outcome, and the full scope of the project required to develop an effective solution. All our development projects begin with a Phase 0 review, which insures a proposed solution will meet all business requirements. Budget and ROI projections are agreed to before any development begins.

Proven Experience in Multiple Industries

Triple Helix focuses on delivering software that makes a positive impact on operations and solves business data and process problems. We have helped clients in manufacturing, aerospace and non-profit services and can help your business too. See what we did for Eastern Account System, Inc., as just one example.

Contact us if you would like to schedule a risk-free consultation to see if your business could benefit from a custom software solution.

Solve Your Business Data and Process Problems